Forsaken – The Book – Available July 1, 2016!

You can get your copy of our new book Forsaken on paperback direct from Amazon HERE, or get the e-book version from Amazon HERE!

Forsaken - Marriage Awakening

You will be captivated by the unique perspective of one couple’s experience of trials and tribulations in their blended family.  Their dramatic life story will capture your heart and leave you breathless at the challenges they face and the stunning revelations of abuse they encounter.  Empathize with them on their journey of faith and purpose while they struggle with feelings of being forsaken.

You can get your copy of our new book Forsaken on paperback direct from Amazon HERE, or get the e-book version from Amazon HERE!


Ron Deal “We all feel discouraged in life at some point; maybe even defeated. Have you felt unimportant or forgotten by family or God? Ever felt forsaken? Jerry and Kate have been there, done that. Their story includes severe child abuse and kidnapping, divorce, an unjust legal process, abandonment, manipulative parents, and much more. And yet, through God’s power, they’ve been restored. And you can be, too. Whatever your circumstances Forsaken will inspire you to hang on and invite you to deepen your faith in the Lord. Read it and share it with someone you love. You are not forsaken.”

~ Ron L. Deal, Family Trainer, Therapist, and Bestselling Author of The Smart Stepfamily


Ted Cunningham“Jerry and Kate Angelo are passionate marriage advocates. If you have ever thought, “No one understands what I’m going though in my marriage,” read this book. Forsaken validates what many couples experience while giving each spouse hope. Jesus breathes life into dead marriages.”

~ Ted Cunningham, Pastor at Woodland Hills Family Church, Author of Fun Loving You


Roger Gibson “Jerry and Kate are a unique couple who are blessed with a great vision on how to strengthen marriages. Their creativity and dedication to grow a movement to honor marriages is inspiring to all. The story of their journey in this book will be sure to provide encouragement to anyone who reads it.”

~ Roger Gibson, Marriage & Family Pastor at Fellowship of the Parks Church and Founder of Man Up & Go


Molly Godzich“This book is sure to encourage you as you read of a story of two lives coming from harsh backgrounds, blending together after divorces, walking through difficult court battles and yet determined to Glorify God through helping others in their marriages. Overcoming child abuse and an all-out legal attack, are just a couple of compelling parts to the Angelos’ story. Yet they took the difficult trials in life, and with God’s grace constantly deciding not to hold onto bitterness but instead be an example of mercy and love.”

~ Molly Godzich, Founder and Executive Director of National Association of Marriage Enhancement (NAME)


Van & Tammy Benson “I am happy to recommend “Forsaken” by Jerry and Kate Angelo to the reader. For many years I have known this wonderful couple. Well, I thought I knew them. Then, I read “Forsaken” myself. After reading the first two chapters, I knew what was about to happen. So, I went into my garage, got my folding zero gravity chair and proceeded to my backyard under the tree where I do my best reading. I spent a most enjoyable afternoon going through the emotional ups and downs contained in the story of these amazing people and their family. I could not put the book down, and felt anticipation every time I came to the end of Jerry’s story, wanting to hear Kate’s version of what had happened. The unique dual author style keeps the reader’s attention and allows him or her to enjoy looking at the daunting mountains and despairing valleys they faced together, as One. The book shows us how a strong marriage with Christ at the center is truly a TEAM effort. Time after time Team Angelo steps up to the plate and takes their cuts at the game of life. The message of this book is uplifting, faith building, and leaves the reader with the feeling of joy to be a child of our wonderful loving Father in heaven. Both thumbs up, high up, for this inspiring book!”

~ Van Benson, President and Executive Trainer of Motive Matters LLC