Change the World

Have you ever had a moment where God spoke directly to your heart?  Kind of like that scene in a movie where the Big Boss punches the button on his executive office phone and barks at his assistant to “get me so-and-so on the phone right away”.  The first time I saw this video it was a similar experience for me, except God was much calmer and quieter about it.  It was like He had a direct line to my heart and He said to me, “this video message is for you so pay close attention.”

I can still remember the day when it happened.  We arrived in Phoenix, AZ several years ago for our annual trip to speak at the International Marriage Conference for NAME.  We made our way to the Phoenix First Assembly (now called Dream City Church) sanctuary to find a good seat.  We could literally feel the excitement from our anticipation of what we were going to experience that year.  We had already been enjoying ourselves and dreaming about our ministry plans of the future.  Little did we know what God had in store for us (Psalm 37:23 KJV, Jeremiah 29:11 NIV).  As Kate and I sat in one of the general sessions, they played the video in this post.

When we watched it for the first time I was a little choked up as it was an overwhelming sensation of the Holy Spirit’s presence in that moment.  Now, I know some of you reading this may watch this video and think, “Hey, what’s the big deal with this video, I really don’t see anything special about it.”  What was special for us is that it was the culmination of several years of seeking God and His Will for our ministry.  Although we have been working in ministry for quite a while, we sensed this would be the marker for what we were to do in the future.  It was confirmation that we were on the right track and that something big was just around the corner.  This was the inspiration for the vision He was giving us.

This video embodies the spirit of what is in our heart for marriages and families around the world.  As the video was playing God spoke to us and said, “Now is the time to change the world!  Now is the time for a Marriage Awakening!  Now is the time for a marriage revival!”  It inspired us to continue the course that He has set before us, never give up in our struggles, and to provide a vision of a marriage awakening to His people.  Even now, watching this video reminds me of that day and all the great moments of divine connections we made over the weekend.  Most importantly reminds me of the vision He imparted upon us for our work in the ministry.

We are building a website that will represent what God is doing in our hearts.  It won’t be long before we fill this website with all the messages He has been revealing to us over the years.  We will be providing the tools that will help you, your marriage, and family get through life God’s way (Ephesians 5), the way Jesus Christ intended as described in his Word, the bible.  Think of this website as a portal to our soul where God has planted the seed of His love for you.  Take a look at the video posted for yourselves.  Maybe He will impart a vision on your heart for your marriage or your ministry.  Maybe He wants you to – CHANGE THE WORLD.

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