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Get Your Free Gift

During the Christmas of 2004 I took the kids to see the Christmas Train in Dry Gulch USA.  I haven’t been there in about 10 years, but at least back then it was a really great trip for the family, especially for the younger kiddos.  I remember seeing the sights, the Christmas lights, riding the train, and sipping hot chocolate with the kids too.  My favorite memory of the entire trip is captured in the photo above.  Near the end of the adventure they gather everyone together for a special Christmas presentation.  They share a very sincere message of the Gospel...

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5 Steps to Forgiveness

When is the last time you were deeply hurt by someone close to you? What was your response to the hurt? Perhaps you wanted to retaliate and seek revenge in some way. Or perhaps you took no action whatsoever and instead harbor bitterness and resentment in your heart. Do you carry your hurt with you to this day? You do great damage to yourself when you choose to have an unforgiving spirit. The root of unforgivness is a bitter root that takes hold in your heart, and then spreads a poison that chokes out every godly trait there. A friend...