Why Another Marriage Message?

Marriage Awakening

Why another marriage message?  Several years ago when I was single, my friends would sometimes joke about why they didn’t want to hear another uncomfortable message in church regarding marriage.  I’ve even heard many church leaders since then express concern about alienating people if they bring a message about marriage too often before their congregation.  In each of these circumstances I was left scratching my head.  I understand the concerns and various points of view when speaking on marriage, but I think many of us are overlooking the purpose that is intended by such a message.

Married, single, engaged, young, old, or whatever your status is, Christ’s marriage message is for all of us.  It’s about Christ and His bride, which is all of us, the church.  In Genesis the bible begins with a beautiful story of marriage.  It ends in Revelation with the marriage supper of the Lamb, and that marriage love story of Christ and His bride is woven within every book of the bible.  In fact, marriage was the first institution created by God, even before family and before the church.  If God’s word, the bible, spends that much emphasis on the topic of marriage then it must be important and we must spend time taking a look at it for ourselves.

Our earthly marriages are supposed reflect the beauty and majesty of the perfect heavenly marriage model of Christ and His church.  That is an extremely important concept but that isn’t the end of the story.  Before every marriage there is always a period of preparation, and in the course of our lives we are also in a season of preparation before marriage with our heavenly Bridegroom.  These concepts illustrate my point when I say that a marriage message is for everyone.  Everyone can and should contribute in some capacity in a marriage context.  From the youngest to the oldest, there is purpose in marriage that is available to each of us.

As parents we have a responsibility to raise our children based on godly principles that will prepare them to enter into healthy relationships.  As our children get older and enter adulthood, they should also be learning how to become a whole person so that they can appropriately contribute to serving their future spouse.  Even older adults have endless opportunities to speak into the lives of single adults and marriage couples alike and impart the many years of wisdom of relationship they have acquired.

Why another marriage message?  Because at this time in our culture we need to hear it.  Whether or not you are married or even desire to be married, we all must honor marriage, Hebrews 13:4.  It seems we have forgotten as a society the purpose intended for marriage according to God and His word.  God didn’t create marriage for our own self-serving “happiness”.  He created marriage to bring Him glory through relationship and to spiritually mature us for eternity.  When we learn to love and serve others like Christ intended, we grow in spiritual maturity.  As we become more spiritually mature, we grow in a true and fulfilling happiness or joy that emanates from the heart of God.

I’m thankful to all those marriage advocates out there who continue to stand up and lead the way in our communities to make a difference for our families.  There are people and organizations out there who are willing to stand with you to transform our world, one couple at a time.  Because if will take a stand for Christ in marriage, then it will begin to make an impact in our homes, in our churches, in our communities, in our nation, and in our world.

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