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Marriage Awakening - Blended & Blessed 0

Blended & Blessed Event

    For those of you who know us, you know that some of the advice we give to couples are in regards to investing in your own marriage.  We also recommend a great way to invest in your marriage is to take some time out for a marriage retreat.  A few years ago while Kate and I were speaking at one of these annual marriage retreats called the International Marriage Conference, we had the opportunity to meet Ron Deal.  He was the keynote speaker, and we were some of the workshop speakers at this event.  One night all the speakers...

Marriage Awakening - Date Night Comedy - Springfield - Gillioz Theatre 0

Date Night Comedy – Springfield

  A few years ago while we were speaking at the International Marriage Conference in Phoenix, AZ, we ran into Ted Cunningham for the first time.  Every evening before the main event they prepared a meal for all the contributors of the conference.  As we were finding a place to sit down to enjoy our meal, little did we know that we would land next the keynote speaker for that evening who just so happened to be Ted.  We laughed and joked with him about things we had in common such as living in the Ozarks of Missouri. We also had...