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Marriage Awakening - 10 Marriage Tips from an 11 Year Old 0

10 Marriage Tips From an 11 Year Old

Everyone knows that children these days are bombarded with images and stories of what love, romance, sex, and marriage should look like. Not all images they see are healthy. In fact, some of those images may even be damaging to them. Besides what the media shows them, your children also have a front row seat to your marriage. They are recording and processing everything they see and hear. Even if you are a single parent, your child is still learning from you and your dating relationships. They see how conflict is handled, and how much time you give to each...

Marriage Awakening - 3 Ways to Respect Your Husband 0

3 Ways to Respect Your Husband

Many of us know the song “Respect” that is sung by Aretha Franklin. It is so popular that it was named one of the top 500 songs of all time. Many women have felt empowered by another woman belting out a song and asking for “just a little respect”. What you may not know is that the song was written by a man, Otis Redding. So while women sang the song to demand respect from men, there was a silent plea for the very same thing from a man behind the scenes. In one of the lines of this epic song Otis writes,...

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Role Models

Who were your role models when you were growing up? Were you into superheros who flew off to rescue someone at the first sign of trouble? Or maybe your hero was a teacher or coach who encouraged you, even if they were a little rough on you. Was your role model your mother or your father? If you are like me, you didn’t have the best childhood and therefore laugh when I suggest that your parents could have been your role model. In actuality, they probably made more of an impact on you than you realize. I was recently listening...

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Daddy’s Home!

Have you ever heard the saying, Daddy’s girl? Most of us have. It is a saying used to describe the special relationship between a father and his daughter. Have you ever wondered what makes the relationship so special, or why the bond is different than that of a mother-daughter? When our daughter was just  a preschooler, she would get on a chair and help me prepare dinner. We would talk and laugh while we worked and she looked up to me and listened as if I were the only person in the world. But the moment she heard the garage door...

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