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3 Ways to Bring Honor Back to Your Marriage

When my husband and I were first dating, we were kind and respectful to each other. We were considerate of each others’ feelings and we rarely squabbled about petty things. Even if we did, we were quick to make things right again. Most married people know that it doesn’t take long for this type of consideration and kindness to fall by the wayside as we rush around trying to accomplish our goals. These goals can be as simple getting a toddler (who insists on being naked) to keep his clothes on while you rush to get out of the house...

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3 Ways to Build Lasting Character in Children

I remember a time when I brought my children to McDonald’s for an after school treat; something we try to do on Friday’s. After I finished paying, I turned around to see my children rushing over to help an elderly woman who had just dropped a large soda onto the floor. One of my children was walking the woman out of the area so she wouldn’t slip. Another was grabbing napkins by the handful, another was using the napkins to mop up the mess. It wasn’t long before this mamma was beaming with pride in how her children leaped up...

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Date Night

Not too long ago we became acquainted with a really great church in Branson, MO.  One of the reasons we have such a great respect for that church is that the cornerstone of the vision for their church includes holding marriage in high regard.  Every month they dedicate the second Sunday to be a marriage service held throughout their entire church where they bring attention of what God says about marriage.  What they are doing, I believes fulfills  what is said in part by: Hebrews 13:4, “Marriage should be honored by all…” Of course imitation is the highest form of flattery,...