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Increasing Emotional Intelligence Through Social Awareness

Several years ago at a marriage retreat my wife and I participated in a core motive-based self-assessment.  We also attended the seminar series explaining those results.  I couldn’t have imagined what I learned not only about myself, but also about every other person on the planet – especially my wife and kids.  That knowledge opened the door to my own self awareness.  It was like I was standing outside my body and observing my behaviors.  I realized that not everyone thought about things the same way that I did.  Everyone didn’t see things just like I saw things.  I encountered a perspective that I never...

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Bring Empathy to Your Marriage

A few months ago, I heard a speaker mention empathy in his talk, and in that moment God tugged at my heart and I knew I needed to work on this area of my life. Like most of these areas where God is cultivating a fruit in your life I find that He is not developing empathy in me, but instead giving me opportunities to be empathetic. Just this morning my husband was making the bed and he said, “You know, I’ve made the bed for several days in a row…” This is a little statement isn’t it? Why is this...