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Three Ways to Always Be Right

Have you ever heard the joke, “I married Miss Right, I just didn’t know that her first name was Always.” I’m sure my husband has thought the same thing because I sure do love to be right. While God made me to be a relational woman (not just your stereotypical emotional woman), there is part of me that is also very logical. I enjoy arguing my point and hoping that others will see the convincing logic behind what I’m saying. There are times when I’m too tenacious in my efforts to get my point across and I’m stepping all over...

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Increasing Emotional Intelligence Through Self Awareness

Have you ever known someone, a friend or relative maybe, that lives their life purely by how they feel?  They make important decisions in the heat of the moment and wonder why things never work out for them.  This is also the kind of person who always blurts out the first thought that pops into their head and then follows it up with something like, “That’s just who I am, I don’t have any filter, deal with it”.  While this behavior can be fun for that person or even comical to the rest of us, it can also be very dangerous in terms...

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7 Simple Tips for a Successful Marriage

Have you ever seen that couple who has been married 30, 40, 50 years or more?  I’m happy to say that my parents fell into this category.  While it wasn’t always an easy journey, they discovered some things along the way to be successful.  Inevitably, someone always asks these seasoned married couples,  “What is your secret to success in marriage?”  While I haven’t complied a list of responses from these marriage veterans, I have compiled a list of seven simple tips of what research and what the bible has to say about having a successful marriage.  Although they may be simple, they...