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Date Night Comedy – Springfield

  A few years ago while we were speaking at the International Marriage Conference in Phoenix, AZ, we ran into Ted Cunningham for the first time.  Every evening before the main event they prepared a meal for all the contributors of the conference.  As we were finding a place to sit down to enjoy our meal, little did we know that we would land next the keynote speaker for that evening who just so happened to be Ted.  We laughed and joked with him about things we had in common such as living in the Ozarks of Missouri. We also had...

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The Importance of Dating in Marriage

Boy meets girl.  Boy pursues girl.  Boy gets girl.  Boy marries girl. Boy exhausted now!  That may be an all too familiar scenario in today’s instant gratification society, but guys it’s not an excuse to stop dating your wives.  If your marriage is important, then both of you must put a high value on dating your spouse. Studies suggest that married couples who invest in their relationship by having at least one date night per week experience: a significant increase in happiness, relationship satisfaction, communication, and sexual satisfaction by about 350% or 3.5 times higher than couples who aren’t regularly...

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Date Night

Not too long ago we became acquainted with a really great church in Branson, MO.  One of the reasons we have such a great respect for that church is that the cornerstone of the vision for their church includes holding marriage in high regard.  Every month they dedicate the second Sunday to be a marriage service held throughout their entire church where they bring attention of what God says about marriage.  What they are doing, I believes fulfills  what is said in part by: Hebrews 13:4, “Marriage should be honored by all…” Of course imitation is the highest form of flattery,...