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Marriage Awakening - 4 Ways to Enhance Your Marriage 0

4 Ways to Enhance Your Marriage

Occasionally I run across a married couple who say they have a really great marriage, but they mention that they get stuck in the grind of day to day life. They get up early, rush around getting ready for work and school, and spend the entire day apart. Then they hurry in separate directions to different sports, music, or church activities, only to rush home again to feed everyone before finally falling into bed to get a few hours of sleep. Feeling like life is one crazy, hurried day after another is nothing new. In fact Ecclesiastes speaks of all...

Marriage Awakening - Color Your Marriage 0

Color Your Marriage Event

Several years ago the beginnings of our marriage ministry began in a great local church in Miami, OK.  We were blessed to be given the opportunity by some wonderful leadership in the church to minister to other couples in the area.  As time went on we received much training, and attained many relationship tools in our pursuit of a successful marriage ministry. As we continued serving other couples through mentoring opportunities and date night events, we ran across something very unique and wonderful.  One day we met a very fun and sincere couple who were going to teach some relationship...