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Increasing Emotional Intelligence Through Self Awareness

Have you ever known someone, a friend or relative maybe, that lives their life purely by how they feel?  They make important decisions in the heat of the moment and wonder why things never work out for them.  This is also the kind of person who always blurts out the first thought that pops into their head and then follows it up with something like, “That’s just who I am, I don’t have any filter, deal with it”.  While this behavior can be fun for that person or even comical to the rest of us, it can also be very dangerous in terms...

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Choose Love

When I decided to write on this topic I thought it would be fun to use the graphic above in remembrance of that popular movie scene in, “The Matrix”.  In the clip Morpheus asks, “Do you want to know what IT is?”  He was talking about the Matrix, but I’m talking about Love.  In that particular scene he gives the hero, Neo, a choice.  Take the blue pill and just go on believing whatever you want to believe.  For the purpose of this blog post, I equate this option to just keep on loving based on your own feelings.  Morpheus also gives him...