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Why You Should Marry Your Sole Mate

At one time in my life I was very much into the idea of finding my soul mate. It’s an incredibly romantic notion that I learned from hearing the term soul mate from many different areas of my life. My teenage brother would boast about the girl he was dating and how they were soul mates. On television a star-crossed couple would agonize over their plight to stay with their soul mate. I listened as people said whether or not their current partner was the one or not. I still hear adults who are about to get married, describe their...

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3 Ways to Build Lasting Character in Children

I remember a time when I brought my children to McDonald’s for an after school treat; something we try to do on Friday’s. After I finished paying, I turned around to see my children rushing over to help an elderly woman who had just dropped a large soda onto the floor. One of my children was walking the woman out of the area so she wouldn’t slip. Another was grabbing napkins by the handful, another was using the napkins to mop up the mess. It wasn’t long before this mamma was beaming with pride in how her children leaped up...