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Dog Fight

In our family, we have two tiny chihuahuas. I know… not the most manly dogs for a family with 4 men and only 2 women, but we love them anyway. How can you not love those two sweet little faces? Just see the photo above and you’ll know what we mean. This morning, our two precious angels got into a dog fight. This is somewhat normal for them since Lucy (the white one) thinks that she is the boss of Barley (the tan one). But it was a bit more extreme today. There was gnarling and gnashing sprinkled with high...

Marriage Awakening 0

You Kiss Your Mother With That Mouth?

You may have heard it rhetorically exclaimed, “You kiss your mother with that mouth?!” Were they talking to you? Or maybe this is what you’ve shouted at another. Either way, we know that the things that fly out of our mouths can shock those around us. They are thinking how can a wonderful caring Christian person say such a thing? Even though our tongue is but a small part of our body, it corrupts the entire body and sets the whole course of our lives. The words you say can spark a fire that can set an entire forest ablaze, or...