Episode One – Forsaken

In this episode we are going to be listening to the closing of one of our marriage events that is designed to help couples work together to gain emotional intelligence in order to increase the overall health of their marriage.  Guest speaker, Jerry Angelo, discusses a passage from his book, “Forsaken“, at the Color Your Marriage event held at Evangel Temple Church in Springfield, MO.  He offers practical advice on how to achieve lasting change in your life, your marriage, and your family.  This is such a great event because it shows you how to focus on having the best relationship that you can with those that you love, especially your spouse!  The recording we are going to hear is the closing of one of these events.  I will be reading a short passage of a few pages from our book, “Forsaken“.  Immediately following that reading, I will be providing some useful scriptures along with some practical examples of how to put the tools that the audience has just learned into practice.

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Forsaken - Marriage Awakening

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