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Do We Need Marriage Counseling?

Yes you do. That’s the answer. You might be thinking to yourself, how does she know we need marriage counseling? She’s not in our lives? We’re perfectly happy! You are correct that I do not know your exact circumstances in your marriage. However, I know that the wisest man in history, King Soloman, wrote many proverbs reminding us that we should all seek guidance and counsel for all areas of life. Proverbs 11:14 (ESV) says: Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety. A little more than a year ago, a dear...

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Imperfect: characterized by defects or weakness; not perfect; lacking completeness   As you can see from the image on this blog post, the object is definitely imperfect.  The photo posted is of an actual piece of “art” that I made in class when I was very young.  I don’t know this for sure but if I were asked to guess what is the most popular clay object made in art class at that time, I would say it would be something like an ashtray.  We have all seen the “art” that some young kids make.  We even say how wonderful the...

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Log Ride

Ahh, the log ride… One of the simple rides you can find at most theme parks. We have a log ride at our nearby theme park, Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri. I rather enjoy this ride. You get to snuggle in close with your spouse and glide leisurely and gently through the quiet trees. There is a little bit of darkness as we enter a tunnel, but we can hold tighter to each other as we see the light at the end. This is where things get a little crazy. The vessel we’re in hits a bump, jarring us...

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Thinking Ahead

As I go throughout my day, I try to monitor the things I say and the things I do. I ask myself, is this the way I want my daughter to treat her husband? I have similar thoughts about our three sons and how their wives may treat them, but with one daughter it just seems even more important that I provide a good example to her. After all, I will be her main example of being a Godly wife and mother as she grows up. I will set the tone for our house, and she will be watching and learning from me. We...

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Change the World

Have you ever had a moment where God spoke directly to your heart?  Kind of like that scene in a movie where the Big Boss punches the button on his executive office phone and barks at his assistant to “get me so-and-so on the phone right away”.  The first time I saw this video it was a similar experience for me, except God was much calmer and quieter about it.  It was like He had a direct line to my heart and He said to me, “this video message is for you so pay close attention.” I can still remember...

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