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Thinking Ahead

As I go throughout my day, I try to monitor the things I say and the things I do. I ask myself, is this the way I want my daughter to treat her husband? I have similar thoughts about our three sons and how their wives may treat them, but with one daughter it just seems even more important that I provide a good example to her. After all, I will be her main example of being a Godly wife and mother as she grows up. I will set the tone for our house, and she will be watching and learning from me. We...

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Change the World

Have you ever had a moment where God spoke directly to your heart?  Kind of like that scene in a movie where the Big Boss punches the button on his executive office phone and barks at his assistant to “get me so-and-so on the phone right away”.  The first time I saw this video it was a similar experience for me, except God was much calmer and quieter about it.  It was like He had a direct line to my heart and He said to me, “this video message is for you so pay close attention.” I can still remember...