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Marriage Awakening - Color Your Marriage

Several years ago the beginnings of our marriage ministry began in a great local church in Miami, OK.  We were blessed to be given the opportunity by some wonderful leadership in the church to minister to other couples in the area.  As time went on we received much training, and attained many relationship tools in our pursuit of a successful marriage ministry.

As we continued serving other couples through mentoring opportunities and date night events, we ran across something very unique and wonderful.  One day we met a very fun and sincere couple who were going to teach some relationship skills to the couples in our church.  Before the event took place, we optimistically took the online assessment in preparation for the event.  We were very curious about this seemingly strange series of questions, but we were soon to know exactly why they were asking the questions that they were asking.

Marriage Awakening - Jerry & Kate - Van & Tammy - Motive MattersOn the day of the first time we attended the event, Van & Tammy Benson from Motive Matters gave their personal testimony on why they do what they do.  While their story is different than ours, there are definite similarities of purpose in their ministry to married couples.  They began to tell everyone that many years ago their marriage was on the rocks, and soon to be destined for divorce.  A friend encouraged them to go to a very special relationship training that was certain to change their life.  That sounded like the glimmer of hope they needed to attend, because if not the next step for them was certainly divorce court.

The Bensons’ went to that training, and their eyes were opened wide.  Their hearts were softened upon learning that not everyone sees things the same way that they did.  They began their journey of gaining emotional intelligence while being taught the concepts of Color Code.  They also learned how to be more empathetic to one another, and that began a wonderful transformation in their marriage.  All these experiences are very common for so many couples who attend this event, including my wife and I.  The experience was so transformational for them, they were compelled to share it with everyone.  This is exactly how we felt once we realized the significance of what was being taught.

You see the Bensons’ and the Angelos’ both shared a passion that was born out of pain.  We each had our own unique story and Marriage Awakening - Jerry & Kate - Color Codestruggle where God led us through to the calling in our life.  It was a passion that was developed to help stand in the gap for those couples who were falling through the cracks on their way to divorce.  It was a passion to help strengthen and encourage marriages and families.  It was a passion to present to people the relationship skills that they will need to help transform their lives.  This is why Marriage Awakening has partnered up with Motive Matters, because we have a passion to help people.

The event we are talking about is based on the Color Code model, and we are bringing it to Springfield, MO.  We have called it Color Your Marriage, and we have uniquely adopted it to help meet the needs and minister to married couples, newly weds, re-marrieds, singles, and single-agains.  At this training we will present to you something that could help you dramatically change for the better every relationship that you have on this earth, including your marriage.

Please register soon to come and learn how to build stronger marriage, family, and work relationships during our special weekend presentation in Springfield, MO on July 14th & 15th of 2017.

Step One: Register for the event HERE

Step Two: Take the Color Your Marriage Assessment HERE

Location: Evangel Temple Church @ The Barn
3101 S Luster Ave, Springfield, MO 65804

Begins: 6:30pm on Friday 7/14/2017 until 9pm
Continues: 9am on Saturday 7/15/2017 until 4pm

Space is limited so please register early.  The cost of the event is $25 per person.  This will include: snacks & drinks on both days, and lunch on Saturday.

You can learn more information about this from our event website:

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