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Marriage Awakening - What's The Point? 0

What is the Point?

What is the Point?  At some moment in our life we have probably asked ourselves or someone else this very question.  I think a more specific inquiry would be, what is the purpose of life, or maybe what is our purpose?  In fact, many times when we are teaching other married couples I often ask questions like these, “What is the purpose of your marriage”, and I usually follow up with, “What is the purpose of our lives?” In speaking to others, many times I notice that this is something couples have never specifically asked themselves.  If they have, it’s...

Marriage Awakening - 10 Marriage Tips from an 11 Year Old 0

10 Marriage Tips From an 11 Year Old

Everyone knows that children these days are bombarded with images and stories of what love, romance, sex, and marriage should look like. Not all images they see are healthy. In fact, some of those images may even be damaging to them. Besides what the media shows them, your children also have a front row seat to your marriage. They are recording and processing everything they see and hear. Even if you are a single parent, your child is still learning from you and your dating relationships. They see how conflict is handled, and how much time you give to each...