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FamilyLife Today Broadcast – Blended Families

We are excited to announce that Jerry & Kate Angelo (that’s us) will be featured on the FamilyLife Today broadcast on July 5 & 6 of 2016.  Beginning on those days and the days following, you will be able to listen to the show live on your local Bott Radio Network radio station or from FamilyLife Today‘s website link of the show “The Complex World of a Blended Family“.  During the two-part interview that we had with Dennis Rainey, Bob Lepine, and our friend Ron Deal, we discussed our own personal testimony and the complexities of a blended family.   We hope that these two segments...

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God’s Promises

Many times in my life, I’ve looked out the window to spot a beautiful rainbow arching across the sky. I would smile and find myself feeling surprisingly closer to God than I had a moment before. The children and I snap photos with whatever camera device we have handy while Jerry drives along asking if we got a good shot. We would look at the photos and show each other, laughing and feeling blessed to have seen a rainbow in the sky even when it didn’t appear to be raining. Rainbows have always been very significant to Jerry and me,...