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How to Always Be Right - Marriage Awakening 0

Three Ways to Always Be Right

Have you ever heard the joke, “I married Miss Right, I just didn’t know that her first name was Always.” I’m sure my husband has thought the same thing because I sure do love to be right. While God made me to be a relational woman (not just your stereotypical emotional woman), there is part of me that is also very logical. I enjoy arguing my point and hoping that others will see the convincing logic behind what I’m saying. There are times when I’m too tenacious in my efforts to get my point across and I’m stepping all over...

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3 Ways to Respect Your Husband

Many of us know the song “Respect” that is sung by Aretha Franklin. It is so popular that it was named one of the top 500 songs of all time. Many women have felt empowered by another woman belting out a song and asking for “just a little respect”. What you may not know is that the song was written by a man, Otis Redding. So while women sang the song to demand respect from men, there was a silent plea for the very same thing from a man behind the scenes. In one of the lines of this epic song Otis writes,...