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7 Simple Tips for a Successful Marriage

Have you ever seen that couple who has been married 30, 40, 50 years or more?  I’m happy to say that my parents fell into this category.  While it wasn’t always an easy journey, they discovered some things along the way to be successful.  Inevitably, someone always asks these seasoned married couples,  “What is your secret to success in marriage?”  While I haven’t complied a list of responses from these marriage veterans, I have compiled a list of seven simple tips of what research and what the bible has to say about having a successful marriage.  Although they may be simple, they...

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The Do’s & Don’ts of Effective Communication

  When attempting to have a conversation with your spouse, have you ever had feelings of not being heard or possibly misunderstood?  Have you ever been in an argument and found yourself not even knowing what you are arguing about?  This could actually be a common feeling for some people who don’t take the time to examine the skills needed to be a good listener and good communicator. I’m sure at some point everyone has turned on the news and heard about some website or network that was getting shutdown by something called a denial of service or DoS attack over the internet?  This...

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5 Things to Discuss Before You Marry

From the moment you get engaged, to the moment you say, “I do” you and your future spouse are in a whirlwind of emotions ranging from love, stress, planning, happiness, crankiness, and so much more. You will probably spend more time, thought, and effort into planning and preparing for your wedding than you will for your marriage. In fact, many girls start planning their wedding day before they even meet their future husband. Imagine my surprise when my then 13 year old daughter began pinning rings, dresses, flowers, and hair styles to her “Wedding” board on Pinterest. All this to...