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Christian Divorce Rate – How Does It Compare?

A friend of mine asked me the other day what I thought of this article, “You May Have Heard That The Divorce Rate In The Church Is 50%… Get Ready To Be Shocked”.  I told him I would take a look at it and get back with him.  As I began to read it, I thought of previous articles such as:“Church Divorce Rate Way Lower Than Anyone Thought“, that were written about Shaunti Feldhahn – The Good News About Marriage”.  I thought to myself that maybe I should post this in a blog entry so that others could benefit from this information...

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Criticism in Marriage Part 3

In part 2 of Criticism in Marriage, we talked about the negative side of criticism and how it can really damage our relationships. But not all criticism is bad. In fact, Jesus was known for criticizing the religious leaders of his time. He spent his ministry teaching and correcting those around him, and guess what? Most of them listened! Many dropped what they were doing and followed Him. They took His criticism as direction and purpose. Why did the followers of Jesus so readily do this? Constructive Criticism – What is it? Wikipedia has a great explanation saying: Constructive criticism is...

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Why Are We Married?

Why do people get married?  I’m sure some quick answers come to mind: we love each other, we wanted to have kids and start a family, we want to spend the rest of our lives together.  I’m sure there are also some people out there whose answers come to mind that don’t sound as positive as these examples.  One alternate point of view is that according to a story in The New York Times, “Marriage has become a status symbol — a highly regarded marker of a successful personal life.” When we look at God’s reason and purpose for marriage,...