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Criticism in Marriage Part 2 – Destructive Criticism

In Part 1 of Criticism in Marriage, I barely scratch the surface of criticism whether good, bad, or indifferent. Today I would like to focus on criticism that is destructive and destroying marriages and families. Learning the differences in criticism is not only important for your marriage, but it will affect your workplace, your church, and your children. Types of Destructive Criticism One type is the passive aggressive comment. If you’ve ever seen Everybody Loves Raymond, you are familiar with this type of criticism. We usually call it a complement wrapped around an insult. Something like, “You did great a great job...

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Choose Love

When I decided to write on this topic I thought it would be fun to use the graphic above in remembrance of that popular movie scene in, “The Matrix”.  In the clip Morpheus asks, “Do you want to know what IT is?”  He was talking about the Matrix, but I’m talking about Love.  In that particular scene he gives the hero, Neo, a choice.  Take the blue pill and just go on believing whatever you want to believe.  For the purpose of this blog post, I equate this option to just keep on loving based on your own feelings.  Morpheus also gives him...