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Are You Investing In Marriage?

I was mowing the lawn at my home this weekend and it hit me.  I must be a real cheapskate when it comes to investing in our own lawn.  This trait must come from my dad since he has been known to say on many occasions that, “I would rather concrete every inch of the yard then have to waste my time mowing it.”  I hate to say that I think I may agree with that statement.  As I began my arduous journey atop our ever-so-temperamental riding lawn mower, I began to ponder the yard work over the years. First...

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How to Change Your Spouse

Have you ever wondered, “If I could only change that one thing about my spouse, everything in our lives would be so much better.”  Let’s be honest, with all those wonderful habits in life that our partner has, who hasn’t wondered about changing at least one thing about our spouse?  The truth is you really can influence change in your spouse, but probably not in the way you think. So, you say you are desiring real change in your lives and your marriage?  Let’s look at what is required for real change to flourish – Integrity.  Integrity is the prerequisite...