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Dog Fight

In our family, we have two tiny chihuahuas. I know… not the most manly dogs for a family with 4 men and only 2 women, but we love them anyway. How can you not love those two sweet little faces? Just see the photo above and you’ll know what we mean. This morning, our two precious angels got into a dog fight. This is somewhat normal for them since Lucy (the white one) thinks that she is the boss of Barley (the tan one). But it was a bit more extreme today. There was gnarling and gnashing sprinkled with high...

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Truth in Marriage

Truth in Marriage I was recently reading an article that was explaining how the destruction of a church can happen.  The author was discussing that their particular demise isn’t necessarily brought about by external forces, rather it can be an inside job.  As I was reading what the apostle Paul says on this subject, I noticed something hidden away in plain site in the fourth chapter of II Timothy.  As I began to absorb what he was saying, I started to notice something very interesting when viewing those scriptures from a marital perspective. Many times in the Bible we read...